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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Oh my God...yes...I understand that to be possessive of a man they are not themselves dating is pretty mad crazy! I guess I'm in what you could call a third camp that believes a lot of the dating rumors are spread because the Hollywood Hype machine and Gossip Rags love to play forced matchmaker and set Tom up with people he's not dating hoping they by their actions can spark a relationship, like subtly hinting to either party they're "meant" for each other, like a little Devil whispering in celebrities' ears. Have you ever noticed how a couple the Gossip Rags think are a horrible match are always being maligned while ones they like are left alone? But I digress...Miss Chastain has a boyfriend already and it looks like she's very serious about that relationship. No need for hype to mess that up eh? I think Tom really enjoys his bachelorhood at the moment as well he should until he gets settled and has formulated ways of protecting a woman or man he's in love with from the slings and arrows of an apathetic industry.

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