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Originally Posted by Glassjaw View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I don't know, pulling a move like that doesn't seem like the best way for audiences to fall in love with Lois. Surely it would come across as a pretty shallow thing to do, provided it was a happy marriage I guess. Maybe its a marriage on the rocks, but either way its starting to all seem very convoluted in my head. I'm getting flashbacks of Richard from SR, I'm taking this all with a big handful of salt.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I'm not saying that Lois gets a divorce. It's just an engagement ring, there was no mention of a wedding ring that I saw. As far as I'm reading it, she was engaged at some point, and I would guess that when Superman comes along and Lois meets him she is absolutely smitten by him and calls off the wedding as she starts to fall in love with Superman

Originally Posted by ConnorKon-El View Post
Now THAT would be interesting.
Thanks...I think that would be a great way to explain why she has an engagement ring. I'd love to see something like that. I don't think it would be shallow...I mean she could love her fiance and then be like, "wow....this guy here is really super! Hmmmm....Superman!"

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