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Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
And that doesn't make it any less shallow, realistic or not.

EDIT: I mean...unless they don't want us to like Lois...I can't imagine why they would think that doing that would be a good idea.
I agree that Lois leaving her fiancé because she's so impressed by Superman makes her look shallow and make her incredibly unlikeable.

But her fiancé can become jealous of Superman when she gets on the story and maybe see how trusting Supes is of her (even if Supes has no intention of breaking up the relationship), and breaks it up because of that. That's one way to spin it without making her look like a beeeyotch.

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Her husband dies in a freak accident that Supes could have prevented. And when she and him get all up close and personal its the fantasy of dating a man that is literally indestructable, something she wished her perished husband was. So she decides not to pursue anything serious with Superman. My convuluted scenario.
I like that one better.

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