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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Originally Posted by STARMAN View Post
Looking at the few photos we have of Amy Adams as Lois and I don't see a ring on her finger. Neither does she have a ring on her finger when Superman grabs her hand in the trailer. She's available.
I was just about to suggest we could scan the set photos for a ring. Also the fact that this ring is thrown in with a bunch of pencils and pens, makes it seem maybe it isn't that important in the film. A tiny boat desk ornament gets its own auction, I'd suspect if she actually wore an engagement ring in the film, it would have its own lot!

But as there's nothing much to discuss around here right now, speculating is always fun. Here's how I see it being done IF it is hers. Perhaps she was engaged, but before Superman arrives on the scene, Metropolis is a crime ridden city, and the boyfriend is mugged and killed much like Batman's parents. When Superman comes along, he actually represents someone who wants to change the city for the better, and rid the city of the infestation which claimed this man's life. It would be no wonder Lois falls for Superman, he reignites a light she thought had gone out for her.
For me this would sit better then her dumping some poor guy because he can't fly

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