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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
I've kind of accepted that Halle Berry's Storm won't be in DoFP. Storm vs. sentinels in the future would be a great opportunity, but I get the feeling Singer hasn't included her in the script for whatever reason.
I actually am feeling just the opposite. I think Halle will make an appearance but it may be super duper brief. I mean, literally just brief enough to see her doing her worst against the Sentinels and being gunned down. And I'm actually okay with that.

Originally Posted by Electrix
Recent interviews from Bryan have got me thinking that they may introduce a younger Storm, along with young Jean and Cyclops. In the 10 years since First Class Xavier would have recruited more students and they could be part of the new team.
I agree with you. I definitely think he is casting a young Scott, Jean and Ororo. And to be honest with you, his inclusion of Storm as a young woman may justify his means to not include Halle Berry (for obvious reasons).

And again, I'm okay with that too.

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