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How about this? She's engaged to a military man. Superman shows up and she's itching to get the scoop. Her fiance is overprotective of her, as well as very suspicious of this "alien". In an argument about it, his harsh and untrusting nature reveals itself. Later, after Lois has gotten to know Superman a bit, her fiance leads an attach against Superman, ignoring Lois' insistence that he's not the enemy. She breaks it off after that, and her fiance hates Superman even more for it. Which (in a sequel) drives him to volunteer for a LexCorp funded experimental procedure involving cybernetics and green meteorites.

That's just an idea. I really don't think it will happen. I think the ring prop bears little to no relevance to the story. Lois isn't wearing it in the shot from the trailer where she takes Superman's hand, or in the SDCC screen cap where they're kissing.

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