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Originally Posted by HankTheTurtle View Post
Forget the ring. I want to know the significance of the three straws. I mean, who carries around three straws? One, OK. Two, maybe, if it's raining out. But three? There's definitely something going on there. I'm thinking there's going to be a major twist in the canon, and they're going to have Lois be a serial sipper. She'll constantly be sneaking sips from unknowing victims' open drinks. I'm picturing one sequence (possibly during the film's climax, when she's particularly parched) where she connects all three straws end to end, making one long straw, in order reach through a cracked car window to a day old coffee in the cup holder. It's going to be great, guys!
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Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
Haha, I see it!

I think it's the nose I actually think Kevin Bacon would've been a good John Corben/Metallo years ago.

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