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Well, we could look at it this way:

1. If Lois just recently broke up with anyone, especially if that person was her fiance, then that would make Superman come off as the proverbial Rebound, which doesn't do any favors for the relationship itself.

2. If Lois is involved with a guy while Superman appears, then again, it puts the character in the same bad situation that it did with Kate's Lois.

Point being, it'd be pretty hard to downright unrealistic to get people to root for these people to get together if there was a third party that Lois was just recently involved with to the degree of that person being a fiance or even during the events of the film.

The goal is to also make people like Lois and make people understand why Superman would love her as well and this would not be a way of doing it.

Plus, it adds unnecessary drama to a film that's already got its hands full with other plots.

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