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Default Re: Big Hero 6 Animated movie

Maybe they're waiting to see how the Wolverine film will turn out because Silver Samurai could confuse the audience.

I'm not really crazy about the concept for some of the characters. It feels like another attempt to impersonate anime and manga. The inclusion of both Sunfire and Silver Samurai are interesting. They're not close but their personalities both waver between the sides of patriotism and nationalism. And they didn't include Psylocke, which is smart.

The swordsmanship's first achievement is the unity of man and sword. Once this unity is attained even a blade of grass can be a weapon.

The second achievement is when the sword exists in one's heart. When absent from one's hand one can strike an enemy at paces
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Swordsmanship's ultimate achievement is the absence of the sword in both hand and heart. The swordsman is at peace with the rest of the world. He vows not to kill.
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