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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post

I disagree. She’s had some of the best, most relevant emotional character work of the trilogy and some of the more creative uses of power as well. She’s been underwritten, to be sure, particularly in X-MEN, but she has not been lazily written compared to the other ensemble characters.

No…actually it makes far more sense for Logan to give orders, since he has more experience in battle.
I agree with most of the stuff you said The Guard and you have managed to sway me with your argument but there is one point I must disagree on. Whether Wolverine has more experience in battle or not it should have been Storm leading the team. She has experience and as a mainstay x-men member has been in her own fair share of battles. Besides, If Storm is capable of teaching the team how fight in a battle at the beginning of the movie then she should be more than capable of leading them at the final battle. She should have been giving orders.

I mean technically speaking Wolverine has more experience than Cyclops but would it be justified for Wolverine to be giving orders over Cyclops if he were present in the movie? No because he is the team's field leader. Same goes for Storm. If you put Storm and Wolvie in a fight either Storm would win or it would be an even match Logan has no advantage over Storm that would give him the right to lead the team over Storm.

It was just another opportunity for the writers to push Wolverine to the forefront again.

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