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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
The Viking Age ended in the late 11th century so there's plenty of time between 965 and the latter 1000's. So even if it takes Asgardians around 50-60 years to reach adult hood Thor and Loki would still have plenty of time to do those things.

Personally I'm not buying that it takes Asgardians centuries to reach adulthood which is reasonable since there is no prove that they do.
I am with ya dude.

I dont think it's proportional. A human being, who lives, say...on average, 85 years, reaches adulthood by 20-25 years old. that is around 1/4 of their life time.

Now, if you are a being who lives for 2000 years. that doesn't mean it takes you 500 years to reach adult hood. They probably go through childhood quickly. In terms of years on the face, and physical aging, if it ever gets revealed, I'd bet the 1000 year old MCU thor has looked like this since he was 30-35 years old.

Thor is older than Loki. We'd assume Loki was born around 965. The end of the viking age took place from the years, late 900s, all the way up to around 1170, if I recall and scotland broke from viking control around the 12th century. If it takes an asgardian 40 years to reach adulthood, then that means Loki would be an adult by 1000+ 10 years. Thor, by the year 1000, is probably closer to, idk, 60-100 years old. If these beings, who are JUST becoming adults, come to earth, and do things for the first time which results in the writing in 1000, then it is totally reasonable to assume that the myth in the MCU was written by the same people.

Nothing at all suggests otherwise

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