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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by Double B View Post
If we're right and DoFP ends with a new timeline with Cyclops, Jean, alive and well in the X-Men. And they solider ahead with a First Class sequel and an X4, do people really see Cyclops, Jean and Storm in both series? In addition to Xavier, Magneto and Mystique? It seems like overkill.

If it is indeed their plan to have two movie series after this, that is.

But the timeline for Cyclops, Jean and Storm to be students in 1973 just doesn't work. If they were 16, at the youngest in 1973, they'd be born in 1957. And 43, at the youngest, during the OT.

Now, a FC sequel in the 80's, perhaps...
It is over-kill. The general audience would get tired of two movie series set in different time period and it could really affect the box-office performance of the series. Thats why they just need to move forward with doing a X-Men 4 movie. We have already seen how Prof X met Cyke and Jean. The only one left is Storm and they could just include it as a flashback just like with Jean.

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