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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
but a reboot doesnt mean Fox will put Logan on a secondary role, so we would be on the same scenario
I think he was suggesting a reboot with Marvel Studios and not FOX.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
how cant u see X4 with the amazing cast Fox has and Marvel doing HUGE things with their heroes, Lighting? Lol

if Fox think smaller, they get smaller impacts.

X4 WOULD be a huge hit, regardless of what some fans think about the original cast, their age or whatever.

The original cast has ALL the familiar faces of the tv shows and comics, and if we get Gambit and Jean back, we'd get this:


HOW on earth this movie would fail???

jokes appart, X4 would be huge. Fans and general audience would be shocked and excited to see them all together again after all these years, and once the pics started coming and the teaser trailer, I swear you all, the hype would be crazy, even more than right now with DOFP.
A movie adaptation of Secret Invasion with that roster, would make wonders for FOX!

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