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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Originally Posted by eat mas tacos View Post
I really do feel a great way to introduce the new Joker would be by giving him his own solo film. I would save him for the final batman showdown in the new series dropping subtle hints of his existence in ALL previous movies. By doing this, we could finally get Harley on screen & give the audience something they never had in an "origin" story (which IMO could be done without ever giving up his name or hometown) If audiences could see what drove a man to the madness of what would eventually become Batmans greatest enemy, and if the character is written well people could view Heaths Joker (best Joker yet!!) as an afterthought
Joker solo film would be such a good way too show a rebooted Batman. He wouldn't even be the main character, he'd be a really mysterious character, and a Joker film would be so new and fresh. If it could be based on Brian Azzarello's Joker & The Killing Joke that could be an awesome movie.

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