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Default Re: Justice League Fan Art and Manips Thread

Justice League Avengers part 3

So I finally got around to finishing this. Since all of these are suppose to be stills from The Avengers with Justice League characters I wanted to do an action shot.

So I have Flash, I used a shot of Oscar Pistorius (I started this before he was accused of murder, still a great picture) Captain America's helmet for the mask and Neil Patrick Harris for the face. I went with the new 52 design adding gold lines across his body, with out it the costume looked a bit to boring without it. I also added armor, which to me is more like flexible padding in select areas. The idea is that Flash should have some protection from slamming into objects at high speed. I picture them being slim and flexible.

For Cyborg I used War Machine as the base, I had a lot of trouble trying to make the armor look white/silver and I'm fairly happy how it turned out. I used Omari Hardwick for the face. He's probably a bit old for the part but I hate trying to cast things properly I'd rather just try to get the look right.

Martian Manhunter. I had though about sticking with the 52 line up, I like Aguaman and had an interesting idea for him, but Manhunter just bring much more unique abilities and personality to round out the team. I used Nite Owl for the Watchmen movie as a base, I saw another manip somewhere that used it and it looked great so I decided to see how I would do with nite owl. I also used ifriedrice's man of steel for the pose. The Martians face was taken from jackmal0ne's deviantart page. It's an amazing piece and while it's not exactly how I picture Manhunter, I just want his face to look more alien than a guy with a green face.

For the last one I have a group shot ready that I'm just going to put some finishing touch on and post it later in the week.

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