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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Whether Wolverine has more experience in battle or not it should have been Storm leading the team.
Pay attention to the final battle. It was her leading the team.

She's the first person on the battlefield, and her power useage sets the tone for the final battle. She just didn't bark obvious orders to the soldiers. And heck, that moment could be as simple as the filmmakers realizing that Jackman shouting those orders would sound a lot more authoritative and appropriate than Halle Berry doing so.

She has experience and as a mainstay x-men member has been in her own fair share of battles.
In the comics, sure. But not neccessarily in this franchise. In this franchise, Wolverine is the guy with military experience, who has done the lion's share of "battling" that we've seen in this franchise.

Besides, If Storm is capable of teaching the team how fight in a battle at the beginning of the movie then she should be more than capable of leading them at the final battle. She should have been giving orders.
There's no "should" about it. You guys are hung up on "someone shouting orders" as if it means anything about what makes a leader. The orders weren't really that important specifically (the soldiers aren't stupid, they were scared and outnumbered, not unable to wage basic combat). Wolverine was just rallying the troops more than he was giving any kind of important tactical orders. It's a hopeful moment in the film.

I mean technically speaking Wolverine has more experience than Cyclops but would it be justified for Wolverine to be giving orders over Cyclops if he were present in the movie? No because he is the team's field leader.
No, even if Cyclops had been there, if Wolverine said something to the troops, it wouldn't have mattered in the grand scheme of who was leading the X-Men.

Because Cyclops is the X-Men's field leader, not the US Army's.

Wolverine wasn't even really giving the X-Men orders in the scene.

Same goes for Storm. If you put Storm and Wolvie in a fight either Storm would win or it would be an even match Logan has no advantage over Storm that would give him the right to lead the team over Storm.


When did that become a prerequisite for someone to act as a leader?

It was just another opportunity for the writers to push Wolverine to the forefront again.
They didn't need to create an opportunity to do that...

Logan has been a main character and received the most focus of all of them this entire franchise. Every development he has received has to do with him accepting his role as a team member with the X-Men, and growing into someone who becomes a mentor and a leader among them. It's not something they pulled out of nowhere in X3 just to secretly give their main star more screentime.

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. I'm not talking about the comics. I was saying that after everything that X3 was building up to in terms of making Storm a leader it should have been her giving orders to the team at the climax. It didn't progress Storm's arc properly to have her take orders from Wolverine.
1. X3 didn't build Storm up as a tactical leader. It built her up as the person who would take over from Xavier. Wolverine was built up as the tactical leader.

2. Storm wasn’t taking orders from Wolverine. The soldiers were.

If you have to try so hard to explain and justify a character's portrayal, and reach for examples of her leading like "she walked in front of Wolverine" than they clearly failed to give a satisfying character.
Yeah, that's one of the more subtle leadership moments. Let's not pretend that all my examples of Storm's leadership were quite as hard to notice in the film.

You keep saying they gave her a consistent personality, yet it takes multiple paragraphs to describe it, and even then the differences between the movies are still not justified by the explanation.
It takes multiple paragraphs to describe it, because, underwritten as she was, the character as presented was still somewhat complex as a character. And yes, the differences between the movies are justified by the explanation.

Why did she change from being scared to being mad? Is she still mad and/or scared in X3?
Well, I would imagine if she was scared, it would be because something scared her, and that if she was mad, it was because something made her angry.

Like most people.

That said, regarding the sequences I was referring to...she wasn't actually scared or mad at those moments...she was explaining to characters she was talking to that sometimes she FEELS scared or mad because of the way mutants are persecuted.

Was that really a serious question? Do you not understand how human personalities work?

Most of her personality is derived from two or three conversations throughout three whole movies, which makes for a pretty weak character.
I don't even know what "most of her personality" means. She has several distinct parts to her personality as a character.

The character is underwritten, and she doesn't have much depth of character, but she isn't weakly drawn or portrayed. She's fairly clearly defined, and very effective as a team member.

I'm glad it worked for some people, but I don't want to settle for Storm as Wolverine's sidekick.
She wasn't a sidekick. She and Wolverine were not exactly friends, and she certainly didn't have less "authority" than he did. They were co leading the young X-Men. I don’t understand why this is such a hard concept for some of you to grasp.

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Pretty much.

If anything his examples confirmed that the movie told us Storm was the leader, but all actual evidence that she was is extremely minor or inconsequential. Because she wasn't "inconsequential" and her impact on the lives of the X-Men and the students, and the people they were protecting was quite sizeable.

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