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Default Re: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra - Part 2

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
I'm glad he's gone. He was being creepy and kept derailing the thread whenever he was. Plus, it's an underage character (don't give me the reincarnation BS, she's 17 ) which made it even more uncomfortable.
Well, she may have been 17 at the beginning of the show and then turned 18 towards the end of the show or during the hiatus. Therefore, depending on when Kingmadness posted his comments would be the deciding factor of whether they were appropriate or not lol

.....and seeing how we don't know when Korra's birthday is/was or what Republic City's statutory laws are, or which state's statutory laws SHH follows then we can't say that Kingmadness was truly at fault and in the wrong though creepy as he may have been lol

Boom! law classes baby!'s late and i'm tired and needed something to do hahaha.

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