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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

I'm more interested in the story, how it should be structured. Should he have an origin?
I am thinking that it could be a small quick one, show his father meet his mother on the beach and
then maybe cut to her having a baby. Something fast, Not super fast. Just not the whole movie.
Lots to introduce in this film, don't want it overdone like Green Lantern, which also had way to much
to introduce.

I am also interested in his character and the costume.
What if his chainmail shirt is actually Kingly armor, gold or gold painted metal made to be like Sharkskin.
Since Sharkskin is so rough and tough, right?

That way his scales have an interesting design for close ups
and being on the big screen, like various superhero designed costumes:

They like the designs to have textures. Something for the
audience to look at when things get big on the screen.

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