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Default Re: What did Dr. Pavel do after the plane crash?

Originally Posted by tincan View Post
Where did they keep Pavel?
They could have kept him anywhere. Clearly the LoS had bases throughout the world (the place in China, the place they launched their airplane from, etc.). But as you said, he might very well have been in the sewers with Bane for a while.

If they had him in the sewers the entire time, he would have gone crazy.
Why would he have gone crazy? The LoS wouldn't have kept him in solitary confinement, nor would they have treated him unnecessarily roughly. The sewers may not have sunlight, but I'm sure he was well-fed, provided with diversions (such as reading), etc. The LoS needed him to be mentally and physically in good shape, so he could perform the function they needed him for.

He also didn't appear that pissed off when he set the bomb. Wouldn't he be upset that he was kept away from wherever he wanted to be for six months?
Sure, but he probably also saw the hopelessness of his situation. After six months, he probably felt it was pointless to resist and just went along with it, knowing it was his best chance for saving his family (who Bane was holding hostage).

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