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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

A lot based on the writers, director, and what we know of the film so far. I'm just talking about from my perspective. Chris Yost is one of my favorite writers right now and Alan Taylor is going to knock this kind of film out of the park. It's also quite clear that the film will take place almost entirely in the 9 realms instead of Earth which means there will be far more opportunities to explore the kind of high-fantasy that wasn't as prevalent in the first film. We're going to get a more personal look at Asgard, and we're getting actual 9 realm villains besides Loki.

That film, for me, will be better than what IM3 is cooking up...and like I said I think Iron Man will be a fantastic film itself, so it's not a knock on it. I'm just expecting this next Thor movie to be what I always wished Harry Potter and LotR were.

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