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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Originally Posted by rickfox View Post
I have checked 5 versions so far,one DVD Disk,two Blueray Disks from different TDKR Blueray product,two download version mkv file(1080p-2.47G,720p),that sound does exist.

-you have to use earphone,it comes from left ear side(left side of Screen).
I used the earphone. I dont hear any sound.

And visually i dont interpret it that there is supposed to be a sound. When someone hears something they don't expect , they react with some sort of sudden movement. I don't see that. I see Gary Oldman reacting to something he saw as he passes his eyes for the bat signal.

Im not saying its not there. I just dont hear it. And i dont think the direction of the scene shows anything differently.

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