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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - Part 11

Originally Posted by ModusPonens View Post
Sure, we know that Superman won't have the curl when his hair is all tidy and slicked back, but I have a feeling that we still might see the curl. During a fight scene, after Supes has been tossed around and his hair has been tussled and disheveled, what if a lock of his hair falls down over his forehead in the shape of an 'S?'

Just imagine it: Zod/Faora has just thrown Superman into a wall/bank-vault; Supes looks badly beaten-up, with cuts and bruises, and his head is looking down, with disheveled hair. He's seemingly on the verge of defeat. But then he looks up, into the camera, with a fierce look of determination on his face, and a lock of his hair falls down over his forehead in the shape of the classic S-curl. Wouldn't that be a clever nod to the comics? I'd probably shed tears of joy if that actually happened.
That sounds so good, and plausible, that I wouldn't put it past Synder, who we know likes to use and pay homage to the comic books heavily. The s curl might seem a tad contrived if it was there the whole time in this realistic setting (for example the SR curl looks way too forced) so it appearing during a fight would be an epic touch.

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