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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Too many Batsuit threads

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Numbered the pics for reference; pics have original watermark and artist signatures as well.

1. I know a lot of posters here hate the cowl, but it's the thing I love most about the concept of this costume, it's a great looking cowl I would love. I also love the way the cape is attached and the knee pads used.
Also not numbered, but I thought the Batman Begins/The Dark Knight belt is perfect.

2. With the Batman Earth One suit, I want the yellow bat-symbol again. If no yellow, then I like the grey and midnight blue/black combo here. I want the black bat-symbol to be prominent on top of the grey. I also would like the piping here from the torso and legs; the leg piping here is the only amount of piping I want, it's in the proper place for the legs to stretch, bend, and it has a proper codpiece without it looking like an overly huge bulge.

3. With Cap's costume, I want to use the same fabric for Batman's suit, excluding cape, except in Batman's colors in pic 2. I also would like the same type of boots.

4. On the Tron costume, I like the hexagon-pattern mesh underneath the armor to combine with the Cap America Avengers costume.

5. Snake Eye's arms are just like how I'd like Batman's to be like. I'd like to see the mesh material be the Tron hexagon-mesh instead. I also like the shoulder and bicep pads, and the gauntlets, all that needs to be added are the bat-fins.

6. I liked the material used on Nite-Owl's cape from Watchmen, and in the color of pic 2. One change I would make, would be to make the cape fully black, but have the underside to it be the midnight blue color.

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