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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
I've read it. I agree, awful dialogue and awful alterations to the Superman Lives story in 2000 after Burton and Cage had left the project.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
]Jor-El is the ruler of Krypton with a crystal sword, rather than a scientist. The "S" is the symbol of Kryptonians ruling clan. Tal-Ar is Krypon's Minister of science. Kal-El is rocked to earth by Mal-Ar a bodyguard of Jor-El's. Many Kryptainians escaped Kryptons destruction in Escape Shuttles. Jimmy Olsen is described as very cutting edge with the wildest suit you've ever scene. Superman is described as wearing a shinning golden "S" shield on his chest as part of his normal suit at the beginning on the script. Superman says thing like "Hey guys, you got a minute? Damn right. You can sue his ass." Clark and Lois are naked in the moonlight at Mount Rushmore on-top of Jefferson's head and argue about getting married. "Lexy" Luthor has a dim-witted girlfriend named Kitty. "Lexy" has an internet implant called Lexlink in the necks of his Lexmen henchmen and tries to force everyone in Metropolis to get implanted by outlawing AOL so he can build an e-world empire. Brainiac stabs Superman with a large Kryptonite spear. Brainaic's Skull Ship talks. "Lexy" declares himself the new Mayor and declares Superman's funeral an illegal gathering. K (the Eradicator) and the Fortress of Solitude are is replaced with the cliched hooded Scarred Man Mal-Ar, and a black spaceship with Lois there. Mal-Ar Scarred Man strips Superman naked. Mal-Ar explains to Superman that many Kryptonians escaped Kryptons destruction in Escape Shuttles and they live in hiding. Awaiting Kal-El's return to build a new world. The K-suit is replaced by a Kryptonian Household Knight suit of armor with a crystal sword. Mal-Ar dies by diving infront of Superman and getting impaled by Brainiac's Kryponite blade. Superman vengefully kills Brainiac saying it's "especially for what you did to me" and destroys the Sull Ship. Superman and Lois leave the Earth to find the other Kryptonians and build a new world. William Wisher's script changed way too much Superman mythology.
Wow we finally agree

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
The Batman vs. Superman script (2002) by Andrew Kevin Walker and Akiva Goldsman is terrible in my opinion. All the characters are written way out of character, with Batman officially retired. Bruce Wayne getting married to somebody named Elizabeth Miller. Superman is married to Lois Lane but they’re getting divorced. Superman wanders around sadly in his now empty apartment after Lois Lane left him. On Bruce Wayne’s honeymoon, is wife Elizabeth is killed by a bumblebee dart. Clark Kent asks for some time off from work at the Daily Planet over this “thing with Lois.” Clark Kent has sex with Lana Lang, and shows her the rocketship on the Kent farm. Batman fights the Toyman in Gotham. The Joker was dead and was brought back to life by DNA extraction and a billion dollars. Lex Luthor is in prison. Superman mopes in the rain. Batman says, “So you wanna get a beer?” Superman says, “Maybe a soda or something.” Batman replies, “Oh my God, what is it with you?” Terrible script. Colin Farrell was reportedly cast as Batman, with Josh Hartnett as Superman and Wolfgang Petersen excited to film. I'm glad that did not get made.
Yep we agree again admittedly though I would have loved to have seen Hartnett as Superman, I read in that Superman book Superman vs Hollywood that Hartnett had screen tested (I'm sure it was under Ratner) and he was superb in his screen test.

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