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Originally Posted by nouan View Post
Okay, I finally read the Wesley Strick script for Superman Lives, a script which I was sure would prove that this movie wouldn't have been as bad as it seemed, and it's ****ing bad... the dialogue is really bad... I could hear Nicolas Cage saying that **** tho. And despite the crappy screenplay, I still wish they had made it. It would be such a weird Superman movie, and propably really entertaining. Kinda like Stallone's Judge Dredd. Great production design and campy as **** but someways enjoyable.
The worst thing was the dialogue one of the reasons I prefer the Gilroy script. Infact if you go on the link I attached in the posts above he points out exactly why the script is so bad.

Like I've said before I wouldn't have minded seeing it but with someone like Jim Caviezal (who at that time was an unknown). I really couldn't stomach Cage as Superman but wouldn't have minded if he had been Jor El. I would've liked either Sandra Bullock or Courtney Cox as Lois Lane and Spacey would've been awesome, I actually liked him in Superman Returns.

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