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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
You don't know how old/what year it is.
I do too, it's 2013!

I still say that's a pretty late for them to have them writing myths about those Asgardians. and actually, now, I think that was done on purpose, due to them being based on a previous incarnation of the Asgardians. It is a REAL problem to say that Loki at any age in this version has already killed Balder and that everyone, even the Midgardians know that and the Asgardians have forgiven him for that. That is something he is not forgiven for, and even so, they would all have to be a hell of a lot more cautious of him then they are in Thor 1. To present it the way you are proposing, as being based on this version, is not simply a plot hole but it is a major major characterization problem! Judging by the pains they went to bring plausible characterizations to Thor 1, that people can relate to, to make them more "real", I cannot imagine they would make that massive a mistake as having them treat him in such an unrealistic manner after such crimes. Absolutely not. That just plain does not gel with what we saw on screen in Thor 1 and how the other characters treated him. It just doesn't work to say he's already killed Balder and done terrible things that they all know about it. I'm sorry. That does not make sense. It has to be either made up completely or based on stories about a previous incarnation of the Asgardians, who now have no memory of what happened before, except for, *possibly* Odin.

I dont really see what the issue is with even considering the idea. Ragnarok happens. and as I said I am leaning towards the myths, *to an extent* being true in the MCU, not completely made up, but I really really really think that it is from a previous incarnation, not this one.

once again we'll have to agree to disagree I suppose...

Personally, I think that the whole balder thing is being looked into too much, and it is simply most definitally an easter egg, that's all I think

that is probably true, or considering that Balder was very nearly in Thor 1, it might have been made up while he was still in it, and never taken out, because they didnt figure anyone would be able to freeze and read all that. LOL

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