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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat
Unlike Spider-Man...
Superman was not intended to be relatable, angst-ridden. Superman is about hope. He was intended to be someone you look up to and cheer for, not someone you relate to. Superman was meant to be better than the rest of us and inspire us to better ourselves. That goes back to the early comics by creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
Okay, this is where I'm going to fight you on this. Even back then, with Action #1, Superman was suppose to be us: more specifically the meek, outcast kids who no one cared for (even girls), but were actually heroes inside. Over time, Superman became a symbol. We still have that relatability even before MOS: Superman (1978), and yes even I have to admit, Superman II; Byrne, and yes, Lois and Clark; Smallville, yep, and Earth One. And to be very honest: a relatable Superman works. I myself have read "It's Superman!" and I not only found myself relating to Superman, I actually was him. Not even Smallville did that. So the whole "Superman is not suppose to be relatable" thing; you're wrong with that.

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