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Th Confused What is DOFP setting the groundwork for?

What is the plan for for X-Men films beyond DOFP?

I know a lot of people on here have fantasies about both FIRST CLASS and OT X-MEN sequels running side by side....but let's be realistic, that's probably NOT going to happen! Surely X-Men sequels coming out all the time with different timelines and different casts would just confuse people. I doubt FOX would take that risk.

So...what's the plan? Will there have to be a choice made beyond DOFP, as to which direction to go? Which would you prefer?

One on hand, we can return to original cast we all know and love...bring back James Marsden, forget X3 ever happened, and get back on track! I know that's what a lot of people want to see, as it opens the door to X-Men awesomery such as more sentinels, Apocalypse, etc etc...

On the other hand, this would mean we lose McAvoy, Fassbender and now Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence...which would be a HUGE loss IMO. Especially the potential of Fassbender really getting into his Magneto role, 'cause let's be honest - - Sir Ian McKellen (bless him) ain't gettin any younger!

What are people thinking? What would you prefer? Or do you honestly think there's enough room for both franchises?

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