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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Naite22 View Post
That's not limited to just SR. Unfortunately, way to many trailers far exceed that of the movie it self...

I just fell over T2's trailers yesterday though! There's one example where the movie is a masterpiece of sci-fi action when you see it. But the trailers though makes it look rather weak. It's true... Anyway, I got nostalgic, and I introduced Terminator 2: Judgement Day, to my girlfriend, and she surprisingly loved it too... Even today, 22 whole years later, T2 is just one of those films that's still just as good, if not better then when it premiered! It's one hell of a "monster" of a movie, and one of my favorites of all time - always will be.
When T2 came out on video I watched it every day after school for a year. I actually wore out the tape and saved up my allowance to re-buy it. It still holds up today. Just re-watched it a month ago with the wife.

As for trailers, the trailer that I feel wins the award for least like the movie is THE PHANTOM MENACE. The teaser and the trailer look like completely different movies, and neither of them look like the movie that was released. My favorite trailer of all time is actually the trailer for Watchmen. This one...

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