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Default Re: Crazy Marvel Movies you want to see?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
What are some of the most outlandish, wild, unrealistic, never gonna happen, Marvel
stories/ideas/or characters you want to see in a movie but you know will probably
never ever happen? Stories or characters that are so out there or maybe so unpopular
(or not seen as profitable) that you don't think they will get into a movie, but you
would love to see it?

An X-Statix animated movie, even a direct to DVD would be awesome. I loved that
series, I have the huge collection, but I just cannot imagine any studio, even the
Marvel Animation Studio, making a movie out of them. But it would be great to see, in
Mike Allred's style, at a level like the Dark Knight Returns.
I've been wanting these guys on film since X2, after the early 90s X-Men, this is my favorite X-Team..........part of me thinks it would be good on television on HBO...maybe Showtime.

others I'd like to see:
-Savage Land
-Deadpool (I don't care in a solo film, or tacked into another X-Film---I want a proper Deadpool to erase the taste of Barakapool).
-Daughters of the Dragon
-Heroes for Hire
-a Tomb of Dracula (maybe more as a television show as a Horror Anthology featuring other horror/supernatural characters/stories)
-Marvel Zombies
-Apache Skies/Rawhide Kid (wouldn't mind Marvel Branching out into non super hero territory)
-Supreme Power

Updated 2/20/18: Hellion ranks the Marvel Films and TV Series...

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