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Default Re: What is DOFP setting the groundwork for?

My hope is that they will use DofP to redeem the X-Verse overall. With such radical themes of time travel and the deceased main cast (Cyclops, Jean Grey and Prof. X to start) so many errors could potentially be retconned and a joint-continuity could be developed.

For instance, Sentinels rise after the events of X3 and many more main cast members are killed off (Iceman, Angel, Nightcrawler, Beast) or apprehended (Storm, Colossus, Magneto). Kitty goes back in time to warn the X-Men and help stop Bolivar Trask from unleashing the Sentinels and causing such destruction in the future.

These actions affect the course of history so much that Cyclops survives the battle with Phoenix, the rest of the X-Men aren't defeated by the sentinels and Mystique and Magneto's powers are never stripped from them.

They could also attempt some more far out retcons to explain the following continuity errors:
- how young Emma Frost got sent from XO:W to the First Class past
- how Scott's younger brother ended up in the 60s
- why Hank was furry in FC and X3 but wasn't furry in X2
- why Xavier wasn't crippled at various times in the original trilogy
- why Xavier and Mystique were unfamiliar in the original trilogy

And finally, use this movie as a lead-in to an Age of Apocalypse film. (i.e. Jean survives to have Scott's son Nate, awakening an ancient evil. Nate returns from a distant future where Apocalypse reigns supreme.)

If they did even a fraction of the above I'd gain a substantial amount of respect for the franchise.

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