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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

I love the Shark skin armor as well. Would be fun and add detail they seem to want in superhero costumes. With them living under water and Earth still having gravity, would the Atlantians use objects that are heavy so they would stay on the ocean floor? What should their buildings look like? Are they connected to the ancient Rome society, so should that be where their builds, clothing, and everything about them start? And then build from there? Make them a Roman society that became isolated and built their society from there? So should their buildings look like Roman buildings with columns and pillars and aches and things made in stone?
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Would they have a connection to Wonder Woman? Making them both ancestors of ancient Rome?
For me, figuring out what Aquaman's Atlantian society should be like would sort of define the whole thing. What he should look like, what his armor/costume should be like. What Atlantis should look like. Maybe even how he should act and stuff like that.

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