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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

A Hulk without his own personality is not really the Hulk. The only reason I cut that film slack is because Letterrier said basically he was wanting to make a film adaptation of the TV show rather than the comics. A TV show that had the exact same issue of Hulk not being a character, so at least there was consistency. And as an adaptation of the TV show it's one of the better ones I've seen(TV show adaptions, I mean). And yes, he did pull some from the Ultimates(bleh!) as well as giving Hulk his first true comic book rogue in celluloid. But he didn't have much choice there as TV Hulk never had a rogues gallery to use and Ultimate Hulk is basically a villain in his own right(double bleh! Goddamn Millar!). But I wanted 616 Hulk and it looks like I'll never get him outside of animation.

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