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Default Re: Which villain(s) should the reboot start with?

I have an idea for a rough trilogy of films; my focus is on the Wayne Legacy in Gotham, specifically the lives and reputations of Thomas and Martha as they affect Bruce.

Roman Sionis is a business rival to Bruce Wayne. He moonlights as the mobster known as Black Mask and is working as a distributor for the South American drug kingpin known as Poison Ivy. Ivy's narcotics trigger a hyper-addiction in the user, which can drive them to become quite violent if they aren't sated with the drug.

Black Mask uses this to build himself a veritable coalition of drug addicts, whom he sends to war against shipping yards owned by rival businessmen. Black Mask is soon challenged by Rupert Thorne, who owns several chemical plants in Gotham.

Under Thorne's employ is the scientist Hugo Strange, who creates the forumla which gives birth to Clayface. Strange is fascinated by the games Gotham's elite play, and is using his position in Thorne's company to study the psychological condition of the elite who have their hands in the underworld.

While Thorne has Clayface infiltrate Sionis' company, Strange arranges a meeting with Boss Sophia "Gigante" Falcone to cover his tracks and eliminate incriminating evidence of his association with Thorne.

Clayface learns of the advanced weapons R&D going on at Sionis' facilities and reports it to Thorne. Thorne has Clayface return to the facilities to destroy the research. In the process, Victor Fries' wife is killed. Fries tries to fight Clayface, but is beaten and thrown for dead into the stuff that makes him dependent on the cold-suit.

Freeze emerges with a want for revenge against the Gotham Underworld. His information gathering brings him into contact with a spy-for-hire known to the Underworld as the Catwoman.

Catwoman-Selina Kyle-is the rightful heir to the Falcone Syndicate. Not Sophia. Catwoman decides to provide Freeze with evidence incriminating Sionis, Thorne and Sophia in his wife's death and his current condition. While Freeze pursues his vendetta, Catwoman schemes to retake the Falcone Syndicate.

The above would be spread over several films; I wanted to create a Harry Potter sort of series that is tightly interconnected.

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