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Default Re: Avengers Assembled: News and Speculation - - - Part 69

Originally Posted by RockSP View Post
But the winners are "Best _____ " according to the organization giving out the awards, in this case the Academy of motion picture arts & sciences. It's the consensus of that specific group of people.

Going by what you are saying, the highest grossing movie of the year should automatically win every award. "It made the most money, therefore it is the best picture, had the best director, the best actor..."
I'm not entirely sure he understands the concept of the whole "Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences" aspect...

Avengers was a great film... but the acting and story are no where as moving or groundbreaking as ... let's say Gone with The Wind, Titanic, Chicago, or Argo... (not to mention majority of the character development for the characters didn't even actually take place in this film, it was all in their solos). Strip away the solos and i'm not entirely sure the movie could stand on it's own. So no.. it's no where close to "Best Picture" of the year... However... while i do think Life of Pi looks fantastic and would love to see it for the visuals... i also am VERY glad Avenger's got nominated for special FX because it certainly deserved to be nominated for that. Does the category for "best original score" exist anymore? because Avengers should have been nominated for that as well.

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