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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Okay, Rescue Armorites: you win.

*If* the current rumor can be believed. There's a guy over at 4chan who's spent the day posting pretty much everything you want to know about the movie, front to back, top to bottom. I won't bother posting the link, but you can probably catch up over in the main IM3 News and Spec Thread. The plot points and everything there *sound* reasonable and legit enough, but it's Some Guy on 4chan Who Claims To Have All The Answers, so the usual caveats about trolling apply.

That being said, here's the particulars he gave for Rescue:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Killian, who heads up AIM and is working with Mandarin's Ten Rings, kidnaps Pepper. They've been trying to develop an arc reactor of their own, and they implant their prototype inside Pepper. When Tony comes to her Rescue, it's literally RESCUE --- "Rapid Evaluation Situation Control Unilateral Enforcer." A variant of XLII. He builds the armor specifically for her to wear to escape from AIM. Leak Guy didn't specify whether she wore it again after the escape.


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