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Default Re: Avengers Assembled: News and Speculation - - - Part 69

Originally Posted by The_Mighty_Thor View Post
No I'm assuming that most people who saw it liked that film more than any of the oscar nominees since most of them didn't bother to see any of the nominees. And it's not actually an assumption since the box office proives it.

The only dense assumption was yours.
actually it is an assumption.

Most People these days only go to theaters for big spectacles/highly anticipated films, they're willing to shell out big money for. Most people these days wait for DVD/Blu-Ray/OnDemand to see anything.

I waited to see Argo on DVD and loved it., it was a far better film than Avengers as a whole. And that's coming from a huge fan of the avengers and marvel in general. Argo was just a much better crafted film in all aspects. The Avengers is a completely seperate form of excitement.

but whatever.. your opinion on the subject, is just your opinion. And not the majorities...

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