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Default Re: Avengers Assembled: News and Speculation - - - Part 69

Originally Posted by The_Mighty_Thor View Post
Nobody knows if they're going to love it but you see the previews and often you know the actors or directors so you have an idea of the film before you go. As a film maker I've watched a lot of things in film festivals that I wished I hadn't but no I've never seen any thing in a regular theatre that I didn't like, especially not in recent times like you sugested where people are very selective of what they go and see. Some things didn't live up to expectations but they were still good.
yes, but to some people Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises also didn't live up to there expectations.. but just because they made the most money.. doesn't mean they were reviewed the best.

you'd have a more compelling argument if you said "Best Picture should be decided by Rotten Tomatoes"

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