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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Crimson King View Post
I don't know. A lot of this stuff seems way too good (and far-reaching) to be true. And doesn't some of it clash with what the other /co/ poster had up about Szostak's role? He confirmed her as Bethany Cabe.
Yeah but that other poster also said things like Iron Man's Drone Army all looking identical when we now know that isn't true.

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Interesting stuff today. And in a lot of the concepts being leaked recently. It's really important to remember that the film still needs to be cut down. It's also important to remember that sometimes alternates of certain scenes are produced, and while editing things are changed or rearranged--sometimes based on test screening reactions. Some very major things can change at the last minute, but this guy's info is very solid and I believe they know what they're saying, the intricacies of the plot etc. However based on test screenings they sometimes go with the alternate version of some stuff after initial reactions in test screenings... It was always Cabe as one possibility as I've hinted before. What I haven't hinted and what this source may not know is there are alternates of some things..

Sometimes test screenings can include different things, alternate endings etc. In this case some of the reveals could be different depending on which version you're seeing. And like Feige said there could be a lot of things that you won't notice the first viewing. Like Ultron clues, the A.I. personality thing being the biggest that most people can see clearly. The fact that we will get an accurate portrayal of the character whose brain patterns will eventually become Visions... Coulson won't become Vision... it'll be truer to the comics and we'll see Simon Williams in Winter Soldier, as I've hinted before... I'm the first to say that, I think, but it will become obvious that Zemo and Zola will create Wonderman near the end of that movie...

you've gotta remember that if this guy saw it--it's a test screening, **could** still change a little but this dude's info is solid. If he has access to concepts, like the ones that have been leaked lately by Flint he could be taking some guesses. piecing things together. Did he say he saw it or read the script, I'll have to go back and look. It seems from the list of armors he's got access to concepts. Concepts that will likely be used. But I missed if he said he actually saw the movie or not. The details seem to suggest a level of involvement above Wardell or most people that have been guessing at things based on only a little inside info. He's got a lot of the stuff down. I'm just gonna say the Pepper getting an arc reactor thing is definitely true. They have looked at that concept... This leads me to believe the guy is very close to the final cut of the movie. i.e. Maya Hansen will be the mother of Stark's child, eventually. And although there were concepts to use Cabe, or even a Cabe/Abigail Brand like hybrid character, Szostak became Wasp. They had to leave her role unknown to us, because they themselves hadn't decided which one to make her yet. Before she could have been Cabe. Now with the way they've taken Hansen it almost has to be Wasp...

If she was Cabe she would have some of Hansen's role... that's what the early concepts called for... An ex gf character who he would have scorned after she became infatuated with him... In the early concepts Cabe would be the one becoming Madame Masque... Now I believe she's been edited out of the film. Going back to what I've said before and to Jaquaa, it's always been Cabe or Jan. Still a chance that this is all true, even though it contradicts "some" other things. this info is the most true I've seen so far, or the best guess and scenario that someone could come up with based on having access to all the concepts... There exists two separate reveals of who szostaks' character is... But now they seem closer to the final selection of just what to include.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
If Cabe was going to be the mother of his child (the baby in the iron man helmet that Marvel released an image of)... then Cabe was also going to become Masque... not the case anymore it seems. If this is all true and what Marvel is currently thinking Maya Hansen will become pregnant in addition to becoming Madame Masque, tying in with how Tony finds out he has a son in the comics
Damn! That's a lot of info, got anything else?

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