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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 8

Okay, I'm officially attributing all this /co/ **** to Trolling.

There may or may not be bits and pieces of truths in there at the start, but with 4chan being as anonymous as it is, there's clearly SEVERAL different people posting there pretending to be the original leaker, and they're making BS up as they go along.

The stuff about the female characters, in particular, sounds so bull**** I could spread it on the ground and rosebushes would sprout. Tony ditching everything he had with Pepper for a quickie with an old flame? Not gonna happen. Feige sure as hell wouldn't allow it. Maya Hansen turning into Fatal Attraction so you could hint at a Madame Masque angle? Horse****. Szostak playing Janet Van Dyne? Elephant dung.

What is this "prize ceremony" the troll(s) talk about, anyway? And where the hell is "Vernon Van Dyne" on IMDB or ANYBODY'S cast list?

Here's the ONLY thing we know for sure about Stephanie Szostak's brief scene in the trailer: it takes place in a darkened restaurant or bar (there's a beverage station in the background); there doesn't seem to be anyone else around but her and Tony; Tony is dressed in something that a Minimugg toy shown at the Toy Fair earlier called Tony Stark's "Cowboy Disguise" (the cowboy hat and boots aren't shown in the trailer scene, but the vest and shirt are definitely the same); Tony is beaten up and scarred, but we don't know when he got those scars; and Szostak is getting ready to beat the crap out of Tony, and (to my mind) it's got clear sexual undertones. And to further add to that, I think I've got it narrowed down to WHERE it takes place: a made-up bar called "Rocky Top Diner," which was designed for a set in Rose Hill, NC. But is probably supposed to be in TN, where "Rocky Top" has a very definite and popular meaning with the locals ("Good ol' Rocky Top....Rocky Top, Tennessee" GO VOLS)


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