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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
He had plenty to fight. A Batman only interested in organised crime is unsympathetic to me. His parents were killed in a random mugging, and there would still be plenty of death and violence in the streets occurring while Bruce sits idly by. Complacency isn't a likable trait in a superhero, and he even let things slide out of the suit, allowing good causes to go unfunded. Him wallowing in self-pity for 8 years may be realistic enough, but it's not particularly compelling.

Didn't say Bruce quit because of Rachel, just that it was odd that he'd quit after she died. He lost his future to the injustice he dedicated his life to eradicate. Surely that would galzanise a man like Bruce to try even harder. Again, it's about being pro-active. For such a minor change in the script, the character would have been much more interesting.
The basis of the crimes in Gotham City, or at lost the most of it, is because of the mobs. Go back to Batman Begins with Rachel's speech to Bruce where she speaks of mob bosses like Carmine Falcone that literally creates guys like Joe Chill that become so desperate for cash and/or drugs that they find themselves having to mug citizens like Thomas and Martha Wayne. It's not that Bruce sat idly by for those eight years. He helped for about a year cleaning up the real root of the problem that ended up costing the lives of his parents and the Dent Act continued forward where Batman was not needed anymore and that's why Bruce retired the cape and cowl, but he watched and, desperately, waited for when Gotham needed Batman again.

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