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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
The basis of the crimes in Gotham City, or at lost the most of it, is because of the mobs.
Most =/= All.

Batman setting a standard for crime he'll tackle is again, unsympathetic. He didn't have to retire, plenty of horrible crimes are - for lack of a better term - unorganised.

This brings me on to another urksome detail of TDKR: Gotham city itself. The first 2 films do a good job of depicting a good city crippled by criminals. Rises drops the ball on this because once Bane arrives and drops some generic freedom speeches, the city goes ape-**** crazy.

We're talking about a major city that had the best handle on crime it's had for decades, and suddenly there's carnage in the streets, and people being sentenced to death by a known pyschopath. Was everyone on crazy pills? Maybe Gordon had some before sending the entire police force into the sewers too. The whole Bane-ruled Gotham section was odd, like a right-wingers' nightmare version of Occupy. I couldn't care a less if Gotham was destroyed by the bomb because the residents were so clearly retarded. Ras was right.

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