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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Most =/= All.

Batman setting a standard for crime he'll tackle is again, unsympathetic. He didn't have to retire, plenty of horrible crimes are - for lack of a better term - unorganised.

This brings me on to another urksome detail of TDKR: Gotham city itself. The first 2 films do a good job of depicting a good city crippled by criminals. Rises drops the ball on this because once Bane arrives and drops some generic freedom speeches, the city goes ape-**** crazy.

We're talking about a major city that had the best handle on crime it's had for decades, and suddenly there's carnage in the streets, and people being sentenced to death by a known pyschopath. Was everyone on crazy pills? Maybe Gordon had some before sending the entire police force into the sewers too. The whole Bane-ruled Gotham section was odd, like a right-wingers' nightmare version of Occupy. I couldn't care a less if Gotham was destroyed by the bomb because the residents were so clearly retarded. Ras was right.
It's widely assuming the rest of the crimes were as big of a deal as muggings only because people like Joe Chill are created because of guys like Falcone.

And I'll always agree more time should've been spent on the soul of Gotham as TDK dealt with(and I will always disagree that the idea wasn't so involved in BB or not even as much as TDK), but again, the IMAX run time where Nolan tried to cover other areas as well that needed just as much time.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I dunno, I just think something is lost from the whole "young boy becomes a hero to prevent others from experiencing the type of loss he did" angle when it becomes "young boy becomes a hero to wipe out organized crime and people who experience the type of loss he did because of organized crime, but not because of regular crime".
What regular crime do you think needed to be taken care of?

Blake even insisted that Gordon and Dent cleaned the streets so well that the GCPD will have to be chasing overdue library books soon.

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