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Default Re: Shailene Woodley IS Mary Jane Watson!

Originally Posted by DorkyFresh View Post
Yay, more attacks on the posters instead of talking about the topic. Listen, I'm sure are actually some attractive posters on this fact, I KNOW there are because I've seen pictures. Also, without straying into egotistical territory, I think that I'm a pretty handsome fellow myself even if I'm a midget.

But even if a poster here at the hype is a 5'3, 320 lb albino with crooked teeth and more freckles on their face than stars in the's entirely possible that poster can differentiate between average beauty and exceptional beauty.
You realize that potentially dozens of actresses tried out for this part right? They chose her for a reason.
You people are jaded and pathetic.
You're basically saying MJ is nothing more than eye candy, a object to draw sexual feelings from.
That's extremelly shallow. What happened to making a good movie?
What's more important, a good movie or a faithful movie? She evidently has something that will make this character special.

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