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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I think Red Hulk is a potentially good idea, but I have an issue with him being the next Hulk villain. Someone like the Leader who offers a different type of threat I feel should be used. The last film had Abomination, who is basically another Hulk. Red Hulk I think would not be enough of a difference for the villain much like Vanko was too similar to Stane, only less threatening and more shallow. I'd like to see Ross develop more as a character and see Hulk face a different kind of threat in a sequel. Not be sent into space or fight a red version of himself.
I dont know, The Leader always just creates or uses another Monstor to fight Hulk who is a clone of him or gamma radiated in some way, so I just dont see The Leader as a big threat personally, not on his own anyway.

Maybe Red Hulk could be the henchman to The Leader or something as he will use one. I doubt we are going to see the likes of Zzazzz or Wendigo on the big screen. Planet Hulk seems the next logical step to me simply because it develops the Hulk as a character as well.

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