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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
question is Why Ravel looked so young, when she is suppposed to be older than the rest
It was explained by Beast in FC that Raven *could* age slower than everyone else. Same as the comics. I thought that was clear Which is why I think people didn't complain (until now) about Rebecca essentially playing herself (albeit naked and a brunette) in her "cured" form.

and Why her blue body changed soooooooo fast into human body?

That whole quick transformation of the cure in Mystique and Beast hand on X3 were two ridicoulous and unrealistic moments to me.
I'm certainly not one of TLS apologists as I didn't like that movie either but that's just nit-picky. Afterall, before the movie the comics depicted Wolverine's healing factor as occurring at a much slower pace. But you don't see people complaining about that. For a time after that movie came out they've depicted his healing factor in the comics a la how it's depicted in the movie, ie. instantaneous healing.

Medicine and genetic changes take time. So the cure should have taken a longer time too. It was a fantasy take, instead of a realistic/sci-fi take, like how the franchise is supposed to be and the Singer's universe.

Thats one of the things where you realize the writers and Brett Ratner lack intelligence and talent.
Maybe they could've depicted it more crudely and not so clean in it's healing via the cure, leave some scabs and such But I certainly didn't find fault in the speed of the healing itself.

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