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Default What Bat females do you want?

Batgirl? Batwoman? Huntress? Black Bat? Spoiler? Katana?

How many, in what form, and of course, who would you like to be the female Bat representative?

These ladies have obviously been even less represented in film than the Robins, and yet they still have sold several successful series on behalf of tall dark and spooky.

Ideally, I'd like to see all represented in a multi character franchise where they'd all get a time to shine.

Since that's unlikely, and since I was born in 1990 and thus have little care for Babs as the classic Batgirl, if we only had one guaranteed Bat-girl, I'd want to see Cassandra Cain, the Black Bat.

She's built to be a visually fascinating character, has a compelling flaw in her lack of communication and social skills, but has the kick butt quality that would sell her existence in Batman's world. Plus she's got enough shady origins to make her own plot interesting. Picture her involved in a duel between Shiva and Batman, or sparring with one of the succeeding Robins, and you can see she has a lot of potential.

Also, her series wasn't axed by any lack of readers, or any company wide reboot; her series was ended because someone had a stupid idea to turn her evil. She has the potential to rock, and in my opinion is more compelling and more promising than Barbara Gordon, either Helena, or Stephanie Brown.

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