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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

There's really nothing in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES that suggests Batman wants to die or fail other than Alfred's suggestion that he might. It's a kind of major element that wasn't handled very well in the film.

What regular crime do you think needed to be taken care of?

Blake even insisted that Gordon and Dent cleaned the streets so well that the GCPD will have to be chasing overdue library books soon
Which, in itself, is a concept so damned silly and ridiculous that it would make Bob Kane himself vomit with rage.

Exactly. I'm all for Batman taking a methodical approach in taking out organised crime, but as the films progressed I feel Nolan lost sight of the personal story in favour of a grand crime saga.
This. Just because the movies were about Bruce and his personal issues doesn’t mean it was the truly personal story it could have been. Nolan never quite got to the meat of why Batman does what he does beyond “the city needs me”. The whole Wayne legacy thing was just sort of forgotten about as a motivation after BATMAN BEGINS, and really only paid lip service even then. He just kind of missed the point, and the aspect that really sets Batman apart from most superheroes (other than being human).

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