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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Well, given that Alfred knows Bruce probably better than Bruce knows himself, I think what he said had some weight to it. Wanting to die isn't exactly what I would call it. I think Bruce was okay with dying if it came to it. He had a complete absence of fear when it came to death. And that was always the case IMO when he was Batman. He put his life on the line every single night he went out as Batman. And also, when Bane tells Bruce that he welcomes death...that's an assessment from someone who fought the man, which goes back to what I was saying about how Bruce charged at him hopelessly at the end of the fight.

What we have in TDKR is someone who is in worse shape physically and more vulnerable due to age, and with nothing really left to live you can see how it'd be a slippery slope into him almost craving to die a warrior's death on some deeper level. It's like in Dark Knight Returns, when Carrie asks Bruce if he's going to die, and Bruce kind of nonchalantly says, "I figure I will." I know the context is totally different, but I think we see some of that same callousness towards life/death from Bruce in Rises. He's just kind of whatever about it, which is why Alfred is worried about him.

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