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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

Originally Posted by JP View Post
It's called DoFP...

I see what you're saying, but this series HAS been rebooted. A reboot doesn't have to mean recasting every character and starting from the beginning again..
Do you realize that the classic catalogue of X-Men's greatest characters will never be available to us without a true, hard-set reboot? Yeah, the series can move forward with B and C list X-members that what you really want? Cyclops, Storm, Jean, Rogue, etc. have been wasted. We will NEVER see them on the big screen the way they're supposed to be as long as this franchise continues to exist. If you're content with accepting that, then that's fine. I wish I could be so content, but I can't.

Wolverine is not the "X-Men" for me. He's the "X-Men" for FOX.

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